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PowerNet is Offering Home Networking without Boundaries...


PowerNet Limited is a privately held R&D and integration company, founded in 1999 as a start-up company in home powerline area, the company has expand the business areas to other "no new wires" technologies.

An experienced small team with a high level of expertise in networking, computers, communications and multimedia convergence is turning this initiative into reality. PowerNet's advantages are mainly in having an overall, low cost complete working functional solutions.

PowerNet's direct customers are Telco companies, ISPs and other service providers, Computer, TV and home entertainment retail chains as well as national service and integration companies.

PowerNet is offering the best overall combined solutions for the "no new wires" technologies: phone-wires/coax-cables - HomePNA3.0, powerline - HomePlugAV & wireless - 802.11b/g/n, for multimedia applications.


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